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  • April 2007

    12th of April we spoke about mobile marketing on Bata conference in Zlín Czech Republic.

    16th and 25th of April we are speaking about m-commerce to students of marketing at Faculty of management - Commenius University

    20th of April - EDAMBA conference in Nové Zámky

  • March 2007

    mSolutions has joined HP suppliers program

  • February 2007

    8th-11th of February mSolutions representatives spoke about mobile marketing on FEM conference

    mSolutions has become an exclusive partner of Irish company: Grapevine Mobile Ltd. for Central Europe.

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About mSolutions

Company profile

mSolutions s.r.o. is a dynamic young organization specializing in the area of m-commerce and mobile marketing. We are proposing, developing, distributing and implementing solutions targeted on users of mobile devices. Our solutions are helping to our corporate clients, to improve and to make easier their communication with their clients, to offer a product support more effectivelly and to sell their products over the mobile phones.

Our company comprises professionals, each specializing in his/her particular area. Solutions that we create are supported by the knowledge and experience of professionals active on the academic soil, in the field of marketing, IT, telecommunications, finances, product management, broadcasting and others. Some of the suggested and developed solutions have been successfully functioning for years with several modifications in different countries all around the world. Others are uniquely designed for a specific region.

Within the scope of our specialization we distinguish our activities into three main areas:

  • • distributing already existing m-commerce solutions
  • • proposing and developing new solutions in the field of m-commerce and realizing them in cooperation with our partners
  • • providing mobile marketing consulting and support

Why mobile marketing and m-commerce?

Mobile marketing as a new method of direct marketing and m-commerce (doing business over the mobile devices) are new terms in business and marketing terminology. Thanks to new and still better technologies and huge popularity of mobile phones, we can use these devices not only for making a calls, but also for doing business. Mobile devices have become an essential part of our lives and mobile phone is an most personal device that most of us is wearing with us almost 24 hours a day.

Many companies around the World know about this and together with the professionals, like is mSolutions s.r.o. are looking for a ways, how to use a mobile marketing and m-commerce instruments for getting a new clients, improving relationships with existing clients, making their communication and selling processes more effective, or creating a new ways for profit extension.

Mobile marketing (m-marketing) IS NOT only doing advertisement over the mobile phones, like the most of people thinks. M-marketing is a marketing method that is using complete marketing mix (price, place, promotion, product) together with all advantages comming from mobility and new technologies. Thanks to many unique attributes, is mobile marketing able to offer perfect solutions for companies and also for end users (customers).

mSolutions s.r.o. belongs between a few companies in Central Europe that are working in mobile marketing and m-commerce field and is a pioneer in consulting and providing of complete m-commerce solutions in this region. We are always looking forward, we are opened for a new ideas, we are holding a step with the latest trends, we are penetrating to areas that were only sci-fi a few years ago. We are always trying to provide that best solutions for our clients, for their business as well as for their pleasure.

If you want to know, how you can use mobile marketing and m-commerce in your business, do not hesitate to contact us.