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  • April 2007

    12th of April we spoke about mobile marketing on Bata conference in Zlín Czech Republic.

    16th and 25th of April we are speaking about m-commerce to students of marketing at Faculty of management - Commenius University

    20th of April - EDAMBA conference in Nové Zámky

  • March 2007

    mSolutions has joined HP suppliers program

  • February 2007

    8th-11th of February mSolutions representatives spoke about mobile marketing on FEM conference

    mSolutions has become an exclusive partner of Irish company: Grapevine Mobile Ltd. for Central Europe.

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Secure Messaging, secure sms. You can send secure - encrypted messages directly from your phone, so nobody else can read it.

MOSCHI [moši:]

MOSCHI is a system for cheap calling abroad. It is exactly the same, like call card, but is inside of your mobile phone.


Mobile banking systems, based on JAVA. Easy to implement, easy to install, easy to use. Thanks to mBank, it is possible to do any banking transactions fast and secure directly from mobile phone.

mDirectory / mDatabases

Any Directory or Database stored in mobile phone.


mEncrypt is very sophisticated technology. Thanks mEncrypt API, anyone can create totally secure End-to-End mobile applications.


Mobile Digital Rights Management - will protect online selling content from pirate downloading.


Mobile Media Management Center - is for watching TV on mobile devices. Also it works like a mobile Remove Control. (TV in mobile, Radio in mobile, Inteligent Houses remove control, etc...)


mAccount is sophisticated technology that will allow to make any Payment, Banking, Insurance safely over the mobile phone. Thanks to mAccount, the customers will have a chance to buy anything (any product or service) simply by a few click on the keyboard of their mobile phones.


Application for buying an Insurance over the mobile phones. The insurence companys will also have a chance to communicate with their customers simply, over their mobile phones.

mLottery / mBetting

It never was so easy to play Lottery or to give Bet, like with mLottery and mBetting system. Thanks mLottery and mBetting the Lottery companies and Bookmakers have chance to go mobile.


mTicketing is a unique system for selling tickets over the mobile phones. mTicketing coud be used for Plane Tickets, Rail Tickets, Bus Tickets, Cinema, Theatre, Sport Event tickets, etc.


Mobile information system. You can put any informations into the mobile phones.



  • • m-commerce Consulting
  • • Mobile Marketing Consulting
  • • marketing Consulting
  • • IT Consulting
  • • Legal Consulting

Business intelligence

  • • market research and data collection
  • • stathistical and mathematical data processing
  • • Aplication of results in practice
  • • Data Warehousing and Data Mining

Software Development/ Web

  • • Software development according to customer needs
  • • Web development (design, realisation, content)
  • • SEO - Search Engine Optimization
  • • PPC - Pay per Click advertisement campaigns
  • • Technology Support

Teaching and lecturing

  • • Lecturing about Mobile Marketing and m-commerce
  • • Lecturing about e-marketing and e-commerce
  • • Lecturing in IT
  • • Lecturing about Marketing