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  • April 2007

    12th of April we spoke about mobile marketing on Bata conference in Zlín Czech Republic.

    16th and 25th of April we are speaking about m-commerce to students of marketing at Faculty of management - Commenius University

    20th of April - EDAMBA conference in Nové Zámky

  • March 2007

    mSolutions has joined HP suppliers program

  • February 2007

    8th-11th of February mSolutions representatives spoke about mobile marketing on FEM conference

    mSolutions has become an exclusive partner of Irish company: Grapevine Mobile Ltd. for Central Europe.

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mDirectory ia a directory enquiry (DQ) service for the mobile phone with mDatabases being a variant of mDirectory but for the classified directory market. The product do not utilise the encryption technology, but the encryption could be added. mDirectory is using our Compression Technology, that allows us to add a lot of information and to use a minimum of phone memory.

mDirectory allow mobile phone users to carry out self-service enquiries for Residential, Business and Classified listings. These products have been made generic, insofar as it allows these applications to connect to any participating directory enquiry or any database system.

These products can reduce the cost to the operator of providing the services, by allowing users to make their own enquiries from their mobile phone handset without a voice call. Call completion has also been included for service providers who require such functionality.

In many countries, price sensitivity has been heightened by deregulation. Various marketing campaigns have also made users aware of the cost of directory enquiries, resulting in a loss of usage. A self-service product such as mDirectory and mDatabase will be very price competitive, capturing that lost market. Optional call completion functionality has been incorporated to allow for some form of self-service with an associated cost benefit to the mobile network operator who wishes to provide the service.