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  • April 2007

    12th of April we spoke about mobile marketing on Bata conference in Zlín Czech Republic.

    16th and 25th of April we are speaking about m-commerce to students of marketing at Faculty of management - Commenius University

    20th of April - EDAMBA conference in Nové Zámky

  • March 2007

    mSolutions has joined HP suppliers program

  • February 2007

    8th-11th of February mSolutions representatives spoke about mobile marketing on FEM conference

    mSolutions has become an exclusive partner of Irish company: Grapevine Mobile Ltd. for Central Europe.

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mLottery / mBetting

What is mLottery?

The main objectives behind the development of online lottery services are:

  • • Improving the ease of access to lottery gaming services;
  • • Reducing the costs associated with the delivery of lottery services;
  • • Increasing the number of lottery services that can be accessed remotely;
  • • Creating new channels to market for wxisting and new lottery services;
  • • Attracting new customers;

Online lottery games have proved to be very successful in achieving these objectives. It has clearly shown that there is a significant acceptance of this ‘style’ of gaming. However, many potential clients either do not have access to the Internet or have infrequent/restricted access to the Internet.

This is not the situation that pertains to mobile telephones. The majority of people have mobile phones thus creating an ‘always available’ capability. By deploying lottery services via a mobile phone, mobile Lottery has a much greater potential.

mLottery Features

  • • a graphically appealing presentation on the mobile phone which is easy to use;
  • • a mobile phone application that is self installing and which accommodates all makes and models of mobile phone, PDA and other mobile devices;
  • • an over-the-air (OTA) solution for directly installing games onto each registered player’s mobile phone. It is also this method that is used to update a players handset with new versions of a game or new games;
  • • an advanced lottery system that costs only cents to play, in comparison with the expensive SMS text messaging;
mLottery / mBetting