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  • April 2007

    12th of April we spoke about mobile marketing on Bata conference in Zlín Czech Republic.

    16th and 25th of April we are speaking about m-commerce to students of marketing at Faculty of management - Commenius University

    20th of April - EDAMBA conference in Nové Zámky

  • March 2007

    mSolutions has joined HP suppliers program

  • February 2007

    8th-11th of February mSolutions representatives spoke about mobile marketing on FEM conference

    mSolutions has become an exclusive partner of Irish company: Grapevine Mobile Ltd. for Central Europe.

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mDRM - mobile Digital Rights Management

This application have been designed to specifically address a range of issues for the delivery of digital media content via mobile telephony.

One of the main considerations that this application addresses is that of mobile digital-rights-management (mDRM). This application includes the ability to encrypt the links from which the streaming content will be delivered. This link encryption is based upon AES 256-bit encryption algorithms.

Currently, DRM solutions concentrate on ‘forward-locking’ the streaming link. The forward-locking approach certainly prevents an individual from forwarding the link from the handset but it does not prevent the sharing of the link. The solution for DRM is to fully encrypt the link at the phone, thus preventing anyone other than a paid subscriber to access the content. This approach ensures that the mobile operator is fully protected from content piracy and the associated revenue-leakage.

mDRM - mobile Digital Rights Management